Sunday, December 12, 2010


Sunday was much the same as Saturday.  We will see what GI says tomorrow morning, but after discussing everything with the doctors this morning, it appears tomorrow will be consumed with getting Keegan ready to be discharged...with TPN.  We think it will be temporary as we wait for Keegan's tummy to heal enough to process his tube feeds.  The tube feed/TPN/no real food dynamic should be interesting to say the least at home, but we will try.  We just want to go home period.  We tried to sit this out in the hospital two years ago, and a lot of sitting is exactly what happened.  Again, we will know more tomorrow, but that seems to be where we are headed (that would put us going home sometime Tuesday).

Keegan had a lovely visit from Gage and Ainsley this morning, as well as Big Daddy, Audrey, Oma, and Pops.  Unfortunately, he was very tired and irritable, but it was good to see them anyway.  We were able to go on another walk up to the cardiac floor to see the Christmas lights from higher up and of course, chat with some of Keegan's "girlfriends."  He seemed to be in a better mood by this afternoon.  We will post more tomorrow as we know it.  Thank you so much for your continued prayers.
So sweet!

"Keegan, look!  Spidey!"

Ms. Kelley and Ainsley

Audrey and Pops

BD and Keegan

Audrey and Keegan
(Funny how Audrey always seems to have a new outfit on when she comes to the hospital these days! Hmmm...)


Kelley Loredo said...

You are seriously so on the ball with downloading pics and posting them on the blog. I'm amazed! Glad the rest of the afternoon was better. We had fun seeing Keegan - the kids kept talking about him and saying they wanted to go play with him again. Can't wait for him to be home (and you too!)!

Ben and Abby said...

CUTE!!! I love the pics of them holding hands!! Love those kids... Looking forward to having y'all home!

Ashley & Chuck said...

I'm so glad Keegan will get to go home tomorrow! I will be praying that the TPN weaning process will be fast and smooth. Hopefully being at home will help him out more! Just wanted to let you know we are praying for you all always!