Saturday, December 11, 2010


Well, it was a pretty typical Saturday at the hospital today.  Labs, vitals, chest xray, and meds.  Keegan lost more weight today.  That's another typical Saturday at the hospital...a resident saying we should consult GI about Keegan's continued weight loss; several "I paged them"s, but we never saw anyone.  I would expect more of the same tomorrow.  So reassuring since Monday we are supposed to be getting ready to go home. 


One thing made this day extremely worth it.  After Keegan had been on dialysis for two days, he looked up from bed, reached out his arms, and said "Mama? Give hugs?"  It melted my heart then, and he's done it daily since then.  But tonight, I was sitting in the rocking chair next to his bed.  "Mama?", he asked.  "Yes, Buggy."  "Kiss?"  Ahhh.  Is there anything on this planet better than that?  I'm pretty sure there's not.

I don't have any pictures to share today, but we had quite a few visitors.  Audrey, Mamie, and Alex.  Oma and Pops.  Cousin Maya.  Hannah's Mama and Daddy (Amanda and Jason), who dropped off two wagons and several large bags FULL, and I mean, FULL of toys for our heart kiddos.  Uncle Tim, Aunt Karen, Austin, & Ashley.  Mr. & Mrs. Harrington, who have always included Keegan on the Jesuit prayer chain. 

We hope everyone is having a great weekend so far.  I hear it's supposed to turn cold tomorrow, so stay warm and bundled up out there.  Thanks once again for your prayers.  We are blessed.

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Jennifer said...

Unsolicited hugs and kisses ARE the best!!!!! Sammy is now two and does the "mwah" sound when he gives a kiss. They melt my heart, so I can only imagine what those mean to you when they come from Keegan!!! Prayers being sent your way!!!