Saturday, December 4, 2010


I have more photos to share today than info.  Keegan has been a bit more lethargic today, but we kinda expected that.  He became quite fluid overloaded in the last day and a half.  Right after I posted last night's update, he had to go back on oxygen for overnight.  He tends to have more problems overnight now.  It's not completely surprising.  You tend to take less breaths at night, and his are more shallow due to the swelling.  He has not wanted to sit up on his own much today and really fought getting out of the room and taking a few steps outside. 

The nephrologist that has been following Keegan for the last three years is the attending this weekend.  It was a little funny when he walked in this morning.  He was laughing because he said he has always been the doctor with the good news for us.  He decided not to start Keegan back on dialysis or transfuse him today.  He wants to try some other medications first.  We are watching his labs and fluid balance closely and will jump in with dialysis and blood before he would get too critical.  We have to give him the opportunity to show us what he is capable of though.  The doctor said he wouldn't be surprised if Keegan needed a little bit of dialysis here and there as we go through this.  However, he was much more optimistic today that Keegan could recover kidney function enough to not need dialysis in the future.  A HUGE relief!!  It may not be tomorrow or the next month, but it is more of a possibility today than it was last weekend or even yesterday.

Considering that tidbit of information, the rest of the medical details from the day are minimal!  And now for some pictures...
TPN, formula, oxygen, and Keegan's Beads of Courage. 
He gets a bead for different medical events that happen on his journey - everything from xrays and pokes to caths and transplant.  This is his "starter" string.  It has one of each bead type he qualifies for (which is everything except for having a left ventricular device).

Chilling this afternoon watching George

Ms. Stephanie made him the best possible Get Well card ever!

Santa had a pretty busy morning at the hospital parade, but he took the time to come visit with Keegan after it was over!!

Luckily, Audrey happened to be there.  Her first visit from the Big Man, himself!

When Santa asked Keegan if he wanted something special for Christmas, he said "no." 
Well...that was easy.

Audrey, Keegan, and Santa

Playing together

BD took these pictures of Audrey playing like a big girl this afternoon!

Enjoying her tea she can't wait until she can have "tea for two" with her bubba at home!

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