Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A pretty good day

That's what it was overall.  Labs are looking better.  Keegan is responding to the renal medications.  We were able to get him to walk some and even play a bit in the cardiology playroom.  He is still very weak and tired, but he seemed to be in a much better mood today. 

The only thing keeping him inpatient right now is his old GI problems.  We are praying that by the weekend, things will start to get better.  If they have not or he is not tolerating his tube feeds enough to come off TPN by the weekend, then we will start setting everything up at home to do it there.  Keegan's intestines need time on just his special formula to "heal" and start processing everything again.  That is feasible and easier to do in the controlled environment of the hospital.  Now that we have him interested in eating by mouth, it would be very hard to keep food away from him at home.  He would be surrounded by it, wouldn't understand us keeping it from him, and would make us the "bad guys" for not giving it to him.  Not to mention that Audrey, Gray, and I need to eat.  It would mean so much to us if you would join us in praying that things go well through the weekend, so we can go home next week in better health and without TPN. 

Keegan and Audrey playing in the playroom on the cardiac floor.

Coloring very intently

Going to the playroom wore him out completely...watching a movie with Daddy

Edema be gone!  He can open his eyes again!!

Audrey is being spoiled rotten at Mamie & BD's and enjoying many of the same games Mama & Aunt Alex did as kids.  Like laundry basket rides...

And "Diaper Heads"...

Think lil' Miss A is having her fill of food while camping with her grandparents? 
Look at the rolls on that doll baby!


scrippe1 said...

Very cute pictures. It's great to read that the news is getting better.

Lorin said...

Keegan looks fantastic! I miss the bug! I hope he gets to go home soon.

Cody said...

Love the photos ... so happy that Bug is getting better.

Those Cowboy photos so cute ... too bad Keegan didn't feel better ... but looked like you & Gray enjoyed it too.

Audrey is a living doll. Thanks for sharing!