Thursday, December 23, 2010


Today, we received the best gift possible.  Today, we met Johnston's parents and brother! 

We are...blessed, overwhelmed, grateful, ecstatic, at peace.  I feel a calm and completeness that I cannot even put into words.  We have loved them without knowing them until now.  Three years ago, Kevin & LaMonica chose to give our son life.  What more can I possibly say? 

For tonight, I am beyond words.  That is for sure. 

We will have pictures and more to say soon.  In fact, Gary Reeves from channel 8 news (ABC) was here today to interview us all, and I believe the story will air on the 10pm news on Christmas Day.  We will update as soon as we get confirmation on that and be sure to link to what we can.

Thank you to Lou, Laurie, and Heather from the hospital for helping us document such a milestone in Keegan's life.  We are so grateful for each of you.

But the biggest thanks go to Kevin, LaMonica, and Kingsley. our family.  We truly could not ask for a greater gift than to finally be able to hug you and say the words that cannot possibly encompass all that we feel for what you have done for us.....thank you.

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Ben and Abby said...

How wonderful! What a beautiful and perfect Christmas gift for all of you. :) :) Can't wait to see the piece on the news! :)