Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Thank you to Mamie & BD for the idea and footwork for Keegan's big 3rd birthday surprise!  Thank you to every single one of our family that chipped in to make it happen!  We're looking forward to many years of fun in Keegan's fort!  It's AWESOME!  Keegan, Gage, Ainsley, & Lainey tested out the fort when they got home from school today, and it was a hit already.

Look at me!

Lainey was the first to conquer the rock wall on her own!

Gage was the first one down the slide.

Ainsley taking a spin on the slide.


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Ashley & Chuck said...

Oh, I bet he loved it! Our Sam's Club has a similar one on display and Karis always wants to climb the "tree house"! He and Audrey are going to enjoy this for many years!