Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Heart Cath

Keegan had his annual transplant work-up today.  He had a heart catheterization, angiogram, & biopsy, in addition to his usual echo, xray, labs, and EKG.  Needless to say, it was a long day, but everything looked good enough for Keegan to come home this afternoon.  We won't get his biopsy results tomorrow, but everything except a few lab numbers was good today.  We will update again tomorrow with biopsy results.  Thank you so much for your prayers today.  We certainly felt them.  Please continue to pray for Bug - this evening he developed a slight fever and what appears to be a case of mild hives or something.  He is asleep now but obviously uncomfortable.  We are praying that it resolves overnight and that Keegan is able to get some rest and feel better tomorrow!

Our big boy at the beginning of a very long day...

Just for reference, here is Keegan at the beginning of his annual one year ago.  He's come such a long way!

Entertaining himself with the ultimate toddler toy, Mama's phone, before his surgery.

A little morphine bolus makes for a sleepy boy.

Now that's a sedated echo!

Before we left this afternoon, we stopped by the cardiac floor where we found this lovely new piece of artwork!  What a cute little model!  ;)  There are four new framed photos on the floor, including this one of Keegan and one of sweet Hannah.  I guess both of them lived there long enough to make the wall of fame.

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