Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Favor

We have a very big favor to ask of all of Keegan's friends and family.  Could you pray for him?  And if it's not too much to ask, a few of his friends too.

Keegan has been battling a runny nose that we thought was allergies for a week now.  We've been keeping him cooped up inside on these beautiful fall-teasers of days to try to get him well.  The runny nose, however, has turned into congestion in his sinuses and throat that has now started to move into his chest.  Upon consulting with the transplant team this afternoon, we were informed that there is a little something going around causing this type of congestion in much of the transplant population, that is not necessarily allergy related.  That seems pretty probable considering that Audrey, who is theoretically too young to have allergies, has also been a bit goopy lately.

None of this would be a big deal except that Keegan is scheduled to be admitted for his annual cardiac transplant work-up on Tuesday, which includes a heart catheterization, angiogram, and biopsy.  If he is too congested, anesthesiology won't put him under for the heart cath.  We really want to get his annual out of the way this week.  IF (and I hope that is a big "if") Keegan were to need to be treated for rejection or anything else, there is still a possibility that he would be home for his birthday and party, which is actually scheduled for his transplant anniversary.  The longer we wait to do this the more likely (by Murphy's law) it is that something would crop up and ruin these big days for him. 

So, I'm humbly (or maybe not so humbly...gee, really into the parentheses today!) asking for prayers for our little Bug:
(1) that his nose/sinuses/congestion would clear up to get a green light for anesthesia,
(2) that his biopsy,cath, and labs are picture perfect, and
(3) that he is home to celebrate his two big days in style!

And because they need it more than we do, could you please find the time to lift up two of our friends in prayer?  Little Jameson has had his bone marrow transplant and is suffering big time with the after-effects of chemo and transplant.  Also, little Miss Avery's mama, Angie, was recently admitted to the hospital for asceptic meningitis.  She has been in an immense amount of pain, in addition to the pain of being separated from sweet Avery during this ordeal.  We pray for healing, comfort, peace, and strength for both these special people and their families.

Thank you so much for allowing me to come to you, our friends and family, at this time.  We know the amazing power of prayer and that we can always count on you to help lift us and others up.  Thanks again.  We'll update soon....hopefully from Children's on Tuesday!

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