Sunday, September 26, 2010

Curious George!

Aunt Alex gave Keegan one of the best birthday gifts he could have asked for - tickets to see Curious George live on stage!  As you know, Keegan is George's biggsest fan!  He calls him "GooGoos" (don't know why).  Keegan wakes up every morning and asks for "toon...GooGoos!"  Yesterday morning though, he woke up and said "MONKEY!"  All day Friday we had talked about how he was going to get to meet George & give him a hug, so I guess he woke up ready to go!  He had such a great time.  Thanks for making it happen, Aunt Alex!

Keegan had "Monkey Seats", which meant he got to sit in the first row and meet George before the show!  There were only about 6 other kids who got to do this that morning.

 He could hardly contain his excitement heading down to meet George.

As excited as he had been, he was super quiet when George came in the little room.  He let every other kid go first and just watched in awe.

Giving George a hug!  Best moment ever for this little boy, by far!

 I think we need a poster of this in his room!

The other best part for Keegan?  The gimmicky souvenirs we had to buy!  This thing lights up and spins; he had to have a tshirt and a balloon at intermission.

Look, it's George! 
Alex got the perfect seat for him.  We were far to the side of the stage in the front row without a single soul around.  Better than a box seat for sure.  All the characters would wave right at him when the stepped to the side.  Perfect!

There was a cast member that rode on stage at the beginning on a bike, and he was waving at Keegan and Alex from the wings while we waited for the show to start.

Pure happiness

The $5 balloon...yes, seriously, $5.  Let's just hope it lasts a long, long time!

Completely GooGoos-ed out! 

p.s.  Keegan is scheduled to be admitted for his annual transplant work-up this Wednesday.  We had rescheduled it from the beginning of the month because of a respiratory illness he had.  In true form, his nose started running this morning.  We'd really appreciate your prayers for Keegan's nose to clear up and for a good report for his heart this week.  Thanks so much, and we'll keep you updated. 


Ashley & Chuck said...

WOW!!! Aunt Alex did give him a great gift and an awesome experience! I know he loved it! I'll be praying that his nose clears up before Wednesday.

Kelley Loredo said...

What a cool experience!

Ok - on the nose thing - really?! Oh brother! Hope you get to go through with the work-up anyway.