Thursday, September 30, 2010

Biopsy results

We received Keegan's heart biopsy results today - NO REJECTION!!  Thank you, Lord!

That's about where the good news ended today.  Keegan woke up very, very swollen this morning, and it was obvious that his one good kidney was not taking to the morphine and anesthesia very well.  He had no wet diapers until this afternoon after a bit more medication to help him out a bit.  By this evening a lot of the edema was gone.  Because this has happened the last two times he had morphine, we're assuming he has an allergy to it, and that was added to his chart today.  This evening, he is still struggling with that, some itching, and some antibiotic diarrhea.  We're praying that he can get some sleep tonight and feel more like himself tomorrow.

I forgot to mention yesterday about one of the best parts of our day.  You might remember that Keegan was the 99th heart transplant performed at CMC.  Andrew, the 100th transplant, was 13 years old when he received his heart a few weeks after Keegan.  Andrew was a huge Red Sox fan, and he and Dr. G traveled to Boston to celebrate when he got his miracle.  Andrew has always been super sweet to Keegan, but we hadn't seen him since May 2008.  I looked up yesterday morning in the surgical waiting room and thought I caught a glimpse of his mom.  Sure enough, they had just flown in from west Texas for his annual.  When Andrew's cath was over, he was right next to Keegan in the recovery area.  It was wonderful to catch up with him and his mom.  Andrew has grown over a foot since his transplant and is back playing baseball again.  Even though he was super groggy, Andrew took the time to sit up, give Keegan a high-five, and talk to him.  It was a really great moment and almost, kinda, made the day worthwhile!  ;)  What a wonderful transplant "family" we have!

We are so grateful to be home and with such a wonderful report for our Bug.  Thank you so much for your prayers for his health and safety.  We are more than blessed.

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