Monday, August 2, 2010

Visit from Wesley

Gray's uncle, Larry, and his cousin, Wendy, came to visit last weekend, and we finally got to meet Wendy's son, Wesley, who is almost 2 now.  We had some fun spending time with all of them.  Wesley and Keegan became fast friends.  Can't wait to see y'all again!

Keegan & Audrey with Great-Granny

Keegan showed Wesley how to be a bucket-head while they swam Saturday morning.

I'm assuming these two were laughing at me since I was sitting off to the left, but I have no idea why!

Showing Wesley the duck statues in Allen.  I think Keegan misses the Make Way for Ducklings statue in Boston Common.  I miss the weather in Boston....slightly cooler there than on the surface of the sun, where we evidently now live.  Lovely face there, by the way, Keegan.

Sweet boys.

Oh wait...that's more like it!

Wendy & Keegan having a moment.

The kiddos

This is Wesley's "oh noooo!" face.  It's my new favorite!

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