Sunday, August 22, 2010

Playing with Addie

While this little cutie, Jameson, is undergoing a bone marrow transplant back home in Cincinnati,
 we had the pleasure of playing with his big sister, Addie, her grandmother, and her aunt.

Keegan & Addie meeting for the first time.  They literally ran into each others' arms!  It was like they'd known each other forever...maybe she just saw the same fight in Keegan that her little brother is showing now.

They both love the water.

Playing with toys before lunch

Thanks for playing, Miss Addielou!  We had a great time meeting you and catching up with Mrs. Kathy & Kristen.  We're praying for you, Jameson, Amy, & Matt!  We can't wait until Jamo is good as new and can come join us for a swim.

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