Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Day of School

Keegan started off the day not too thrilled to be going to school.  I think it had more to do with the fact that he wanted to watch another episode of Curious George than get in the car!  He also is struggling with his allergies (darn ragweed!), and I don't think he felt his best.

Daddy told him he needed to be a "big boy" and go to school.  This is his "how big are you?" stance from when he gets weighed at the hospital.  Gray also kept teasing him about his "clodhoppers" (his big ol' shoes he had to wear for the playground/gym).  A boy just can't catch a break, I guess!

Starting to get a little more excited about it...

He still wasn't sure when we walked in, but as a few kids started coming in, he got a little bit more excited.  I have to say, his expression reflects just about how I felt dropping him off...apprehensive but curious as to how he would do.

Still working up some courage with Mama before going into the room...

Once he saw the toys inside, he was good to go.  I think it helped being the first one in the room.  So ironic that play food is what he went for first!  If that hamburger had been real, you can be sure he would have gotten as far away as possible from it!! 

Overall, the teachers said he did very well.  They said they weren't sure what to expect from him (neither did we!), but he listened to and followed instructions well.  He didn't throw as many fits as some of the other kids did (whew!), and he didn't cry.  Because he hasn't been able to play with other kids his age quite so much, he isn't sure what to do when other kids take his things.  He is more than happy to share, but when he doesn't get it back, he sometimes takes it a bit too personally.  The teachers said that he was "enthralled" by music class.  He didn't get up to dance or sing with the other kids, but he seemed really happy in class.  The biggest problem was eating (surprise!).  Today was a short day, so they only had a snack.  The kids are expected to sit with the teachers at their little table, eat their snack, drink their juice from a dixie cup, and wipe their own hands with a napkin.  And Keegan does ....none of that.  They said he stayed at the table, but he did not eat or drink anything.  To keep him from getting dehydrated, they asked me to bring his straw sippy from home on Thursday.  I'm sure that will just yield a roomful of other little ones wanting their sippy cups, but I guess that will be the teachers' problem! 

I was able to keep it all together today, and I only called to check on him once!  I had to take a moment when I got back to car.  Watching all the other moms and dads walk in and out, I wondered what it was like to have your biggest worry be if your child would share toys or have an accident from not being fully potty-trained.  The fact of the matter is though that even if that is their biggest fear, it IS just that!  We are all entitled to those fears and worries.  I'm so grateful that he looked just like any other little boy walking into his first day of school.  He may carry a much bigger burden on his shoulders than any other little boy there, but he does it with a smile on his face and in his heart.  Today, Keegan didn't know that he was any different than any other boy in school.  I cherish that fact, and I will hold on to and find comfort in that fact for as long as I can.

Congratulations on your first day of school, Buggy!  Mama & Daddy love you so much and are so proud of you!  We're looking forward to every single day of this school year, and we hope you are too! 

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Kelley Loredo said...

Love the pic of you and Gray with K before going into school! So glad he made it through the first day and that they get to do it all over again tomorrow! What an amazing break...2 days in one week?! So much to do and yet I don't know what to do with myself! Hang in there, Mama!