Saturday, August 7, 2010


Just some recent pics of our little cuties that we haven't had time to post lately.  Keegan had a much better day today, and we are encouraged.  Thank you so much for your prayers and support.  If you would, please keep our little friends Aaron, Avery, and Austin in your prayers.  They all are fighting so hard, and their families are weary.  We pray that the Lord's healing hand will extend over each of them and bring them each home soon.

Bathing beauty

Adoring her big brother

Bathtime buddies

If I'm not fussing, I'm a pretty happy girl!

Nobody can make me smile like Daddy!


Baby Lannen said...

Isn't it amazing how daddies can do that? Clint went out of town one weekend and when he got home, I was surprised McKenna didn't spontaneously start running she was so excited to hear his voice at the door! Anytime we do pictures we just have him stand out of her view and then walk in when we are ready to start snapping smile-filled pictures!

Audrey looks more and more like you every day, Maddie! I'm glad everything is going so smoothly and you are getting to experience some of the more traditional baby things.


Ashley & Chuck said...

Such cute pics! I love Audrey's smile! I bet she already has her Daddy wrapped around her finger!! ;) I'm so glad Keegan had a better day. I'm praying that it doesn't turn into anything and that he is back to his old self soon!

Helene said...

Beautiful Babes, guys! Enjoy them to the fullest, as you always do! Love you tons and thinking of you!