Monday, July 12, 2010


People have been asking me often how Keegan is dealing with Audrey.  He is starting to show more interest in her.  At first, he was very indifferent, which was probably a great thing.  He didn't want to be super-involved and wasn't super-jealous.  Lately, he has been wanting to "help" a little bit more.  If you ask him to give Audrey her pacifier or "play" with her while she's crying, he does a great job trying...even if he does fuss about it at first.  He loves to push the foot pedal on the dirty diaper trashcan and throw the dirties away - go figure.  I've been amazed at how tolerant he is of her crying or just being in his space.  Today, she was fussing at his naptime, and I had to hold her throughout his book and singing.  He didn't seem to mind at all and fell right asleep.  (If only that happened at night!)  I'm so proud of how he's adapting to being a big brother.  I'm looking forward to the bond between these two getting stronger.

Letting her hang out in "his chair" for morning cartoons

Reading a book to her (yes, we realize the swing shouldn't be on the table, but sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do.  Rest assured, she was buckled in!  And this photo was captured mid-yawn; she's not screaming..)

Your turn, Audrey.  You read it to me!

So this was not our brightest idea.  We asked Keegan to go play with Audrey while she did her tummy time.  This is what we found.  It's a start, I guess!  (And yes, he's in just a diaper...he'd been playing in the sprinkler outside.)

Just because I thought this was funny.  After I put Keegan down for his nap today, I went to clean up his toys and found his tractor like this.  Notice that piggy is joyriding on the front; the horse is driving, and it appears he's kicked the farmer out unceremoniously.  I particularly love the twin cows hitching a ride in the back!

And just because I thought she was too cute not to share! 
Can you see the red in her hair now?

Watching her brother play.  I hope she's not getting any crazy ideas from him already!

Say of your brothers, "my people," and of your sisters, "my loved one."
Hosea 2:1-3

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Lorin said...

They are too sweet!! I see Keegan is still enjoying the Brown Bear, Brown Bear book. Last time I was there I read it to him 7 times before he was done with it! :)