Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just Keegan

Keegan has been doing well lately.  He continues to surprise us every day with his love for his little sister.  I think some days he is more tolerant of her fussiness than I am!  He is making small progress in feeding and speech.  He has the cutest little voice.  I have to get a video of his newest words soon.  He will "parrot" or copy just about any word you ask him to, but he still does not talk independently.  His therapist says it will happen soon though.  His labs have been looking slowly better and better.  After six weeks off his shots, his counts are still pretty stable!  He still has not gained any weight, but he has made small gains in height.  As long as he doesn't drop under the 25% for weight, his GI doctor is willing to let him stay on overnight feeds only for now.

Aunt Alex and Mamie took him to the Aquarium last week for the first time.  Here he's telling the tiger to "wake up!"  And I just realized this picture is sideways, but I'm too tired to go back and fix it.  Sorry! 

Aunt Alex & Keegan at the Aquarium

Enjoying a popsicle after a hot afternoon in the pool.  He is "swimming" like a fish.  With his swim vest on, he's completely fearless and will work his way all around the pool.  Without it, he's more cautious but still LOVES being in the water.

This is why popsicles are an outside/swimsuit only affair in our house.

Ok, so this isn't "just Keegan", but I had to share.  Daddy and his babies on a Saturday morning watching "toons", as Keegan calls them.  I think all three are pretty darn cute.

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Stephanie said...

This little guy is absolutely the most precious! Hope all is going well!