Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just Audrey

Audrey is doing well overall and will be 8 weeks old on Sunday.  She's gaining weight like a champ!  I slipped her on the scale at the hospital last week, and she weighed 9 pounds!  Her next well-child isn't until August 11, but she's already blowing Keegan out of the water, weight wise.  We are anticipating another echo to rule out for good any latent heart issues, and our hematologist wants to see some basic labs since we're not completely sure Keegan's blood disorders aren't genetic.  Poor thing is also in the middle of the "baby acne" stage.  It sure is rough being a baby.

Audrey is showing us all about the "normal baby" things we missed with Keegan.  If you don't count the medical problems, Keegan was the easiest baby ever.  He slept through anything.  He adapted to a schedule immediately, and he rarely fussed about anything when he wasn't being poked on or eating.  Audrey is SO the opposite!!  She is bucking our every attempt at a schedule and pretty much hates to sleep...at least when we or any rational human being would want her to!  She has earned the nickname "Miss Fussbuckets" from her Daddy.  I have given her the nickname "Spit up Queen".  I guess both of those speak for themselves.  Sheesh!

Still she has plenty of moments of cuddly cuteness and sweetness every day, and we're definitely in love.

I dare say I see a hint of a smile there!

Yeah, I think we'll keep her.  ;)

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Stephanie said...

Love this little girl!