Wednesday, June 2, 2010

This and that

Some little bits of this and that to catch up from the last few days:
  • I had an appointment with my OB on Tuesday, where I anticipated we would run several tests to check on all the little issues Audrey's been throwing at us lately.  Unfortunately, I was wrong.  She was short-staffed, and all we ended up doing was the basic non-stress test (baby heart rate monitor, kick count, and contraction monitoring).  I could have told you the results of all three components before they strapped the monitor on - heart rate's fine, activity level's fine, still having contractions that are strong and consistent but not considered "labor" yet.  Super unhelpful in relieving any stress or worry about her growth or fluid level or how tiring these darn contractions are getting!!  The OB said she'd rather have our perinatologist do a more thorough evaluation next Monday, and if he gives her the ok (and if I don't actually go into labor before then), she has scheduled the c-section for June 14, which will be 39 weeks.  SO, guess we'll see what happens on Monday now.

  • Keegan had labs drawn this morning.  Most everything was par for the course, and it seems like he's holding his own on one shot a week to keep his white blood cell count fairly stable.  Liver numbers are, as always, elevated but not crazy high.  Kidney(s) seem to be doing ok.  Red count was great for him!  Drug levels were liveable for another week.  Unfortunately, his platelets were WAY low (these are the blood cells responsible for clotting), so back to "my hospital" we go tomorrow to double-check if that is a true count or a lab error.  Obviously, we're pulling for lab error here, and no, we don't know what it might mean if the numbers are real.  We'll update again when we know more, but until then, we'd greatly appreciate your prayers.

  • Here is my great big cry for help/advice/support/"just throw me in the looney bin now" part of this post!  I (and I'm pretty sure Gray's right there with me) am about to completely go bonkers from Keegan's newest sleep problem.  He has been taking up to 2 hours to fall asleep at night!!  Some nights, he's been up until 10:30pm!!  He doesn't get out of his bed (thankfully, since he's hooked up to an IV pole at night), but he will flop like a fish, jump like a monkey, laugh, whatever, until he finally gives up anywhere from an hour or more after we leave the room.  Many (to most) nights, he has to work out one more dirty diaper (or more).  I know that's a huge part of it, but there are plenty of nights he doesn't go either.  This has gotten progressively worse in the last 6 months, not just since he's been in his toddler bed.  He's even had a few nights of waking up in the middle of the night and having trouble going back down.  Very unusual for him.  He still desperately needs a nap during the day, and we've started limiting it to 1.5 hrs.  We've tried later bedtimes and shorter naps, but I'm almost certain what he really needs an earlier bedtime.  Being relatively non-verbal, it's not like we can ask him what he wants or needs.  He has a good bedtime routine and should have plenty of time to wind down.  All this is to say...any ideas?  If nothing else, prayers that we all get some sleep before the baby arrives would be immensely appreciated!!!
That's about it for now...sorry for the randomness.  It's about all my little brain can handle right now...oh, and if anyone has seen Mr. Potato Head's tongue that went missing from our den on Sunday, it would really make my day to have it back!  Ha!  =)

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