Thursday, June 3, 2010


We reran Keegan's labs today to double-check his numbers from yesterday.  There must have been some kind of clot that occurred in the lab because his platelets were right back to normal today.  He had his weekly shot for his white blood cell count last night, so this morning's labs helped give us an idea of how he responded to it.  His counts rose very nicely in response to the shot, but it will be interesting to see what the hematologist says, considering the significant drop that he still has every week in between shots.  Sorry if that's confusing! 

On the sleep front, we've made a few changes to his afternoon and bedtime routine.  We had him starting his bedtime about 30 minutes earlier today, but here we are - one bad diaper and almost an hour later, and he's still awake.  The most frustrating thing about it is that you can tell by watching him on the monitor that he's sleepy, but he seems to be fighting it so terribly hard.  I just feel like there's no way to help him!  Unfortunately, that's a feeling I know all to well at this point in his life, and I just hate it.  I'm sure any routine we get him into in the next two weeks will be completely disrupted again when the baby gets here anyway.

Thank you so much for your prayers.  You know how much we appreciate them.  I would like to once again ask you for your prayers for a few of our little friends.  Avery has been battling a mysterious fever for almost a month now with no idea why.  She and her parents are weary and worried.  Please lift them up as they continue to search for answers.  Carter is finally home again but is dealing with a lung infection and other issues still.  Please pray that he can fight these remaining illnesses in the comfort and familiarity of his home.  Lastly, a friend from high school's son is also having some medical issues.  While I don't feel comfortable sharing more details at this point, please join us in praying for answers and healing for little J and peace and strength for his parents.  Again, thank you is not enough.  We are humbled by your constant outpouring of love and support for all these amazing children.

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Ashley & Chuck said...

Karis went through something similar once. Except she was go to sleep at a normal time and then wake a couple of hours later and be wide awake for a few hours. She was treating night time like a nap time. I did everything I could think of like you are doing. But it was just a phase. Now, she can sometimes take a long time to fall asleep but as long as she says in her bed and doesn't leave her room (which thankfully she has never done) I don't sweat it. She seems to go to bed easier if she has some toys in bed with her to play with in order to wind down some more.