Wednesday, June 9, 2010


We are home!  All four of us are home!  I simply cannot describe to you what it feels like to say that, to be here.  My heart is so full.  We are so blessed beyond measure, beyond what we deserve. 

So tiny in her carseat

Keeping this kiddo entertained has been a weeklong exercise in creativity for Aunt Alex and Mamie.  Alex took Keegan to see Shrek earlier in the week, and today she brought him a "big brother cupcake" to decorate.

Champagne Delight cupcakes to welcome home our sweet girl...with a champagne toast to boot!

I felt I had been healing well, and everyone was worried about how Keegan would deal with my limitations on picking him up.  I have to say, that was the least of my worries!!  This character was cracking us up today, and nothing hurts more than laughing right now! 

Big Daddy could not be happier with his two grandbabies in his lap.

Great Granny was too sweet to bring us a yummy spaghetti dinner to welcome us home.  Thanks so much, Granny!  It was so nice to enjoy dinner with Keegan while you spent time with Audrey. 

So far, our first day home has gone well.  We'll see what happens tonight! ;)  Thank you so much to everyone for prayers.  We definitely feel them, and it means so much to us. 


Jennifer Calvin said...

So glad you are all home enjoying the time together! You have a beautiful family!

Anderly Family said...

Maddie, you look gorgeous in that first family picture. And I just love that Keegan is turned towards baby sis! If you thought that you couldn't capture him in a shot before, now it's REALLY gonna be tough because of his fascination with Audrey:)