Monday, June 7, 2010

Heart Transplant Picnic 2010

Saturday was the first 100+ degree day here in Dallas, and it was also our third time to be able to join the fun of the Children's Medical Center annual Heart Transplant Picnic!  We had pretty good attendance this year.  Keegan loved the balloon animals that the hospital clown was making...even though the heat made them pop almost immediately.  I think she obliged him with about 10 balloon swords and airplanes!  It's always good to see kids getting older and doing well and of course, all the new kids that were transplanted in the last year.  Unfortunately, it was also our first picnic without beautiful Hannah.  It just wasn't the same without her, but I know she was there in spirit, cheering on all these amazing kiddos.  We miss you so much, little girl!

Every year, each patient in attendance gets to put his/her name in the cake that corresponds with how many years post-transplant he/she has reached.  Keegan has a few more years in his cake...

You can see Keegan's flag on the far left of the cake.

Look at that!! 5 names on the 15-20 years post-transplant cake!!  I pray Keegan's name will be there one day.

This happy boy became a big brother not too long after the picnic was over! 
Check back soon for more pictures of Audrey's big day...

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