Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 2 as a Family of 4

Thank you so much for all of your well wishes and prayers for our new little family of four!  Here's a few more picture of our second day together.  Audrey got two big thumbs up from the pediatrician today, and her oxygen saturations were at 100% all night last night.  We are so grateful for a healthy baby!

Keegan doesn't have a lot of interest in his baby sister just yet.  Playing with all the cabinets and curtains in the hospital room is much more fun right now!  We've been pleasantly surprised that he hasn't been too upset about me not being able to hold him or go home with him.

Mamie - poised and ready to spoil her granddaughter rotten!

Great-Granny Holt - she and Audrey have the same initials, AMH!!

Chum and Poppy meet their first great-granddaughter


Ashley & Chuck said...

She is absolutely beautiful!! LOVE her headband & bow! I'm so glad everyone is doing so well! Love to you all!

Anderly Family said...

Welcome to the world, Audrey...can't wait to meet you! Congratulations to the family of four!!!