Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cardiac Clinic & 2-week Appointment

Wow, what a busy week in the Harrison household!  Cardiac transplant clinic, five therapy sessions for Keegan, breathing treatments, Audrey's 2-week appointment, my follow-up appointment with the OB, and more.  Geez, I'm tired just thinking of it all.

Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & saying his new catchphrase, "Oh, Toodles!"

Monday was our first transplant clinic carting two kids to the hospital, and I was so scared!  I couldn't have done it without my mom's help.  But we made it there on time and in one piece!  Keegan got one of the best reports he's ever had from clinic.  I swear his labs were screwed up with someone else's.  Everything was so rock-solid stable in "Keegan's normal" ranges and even some truly normal numbers!  And believe it or not, his white count was a touch higher than it ever was ON his shots.  I hate to admit that my first thought was not celebratory but rather worried that he was getting sick.  Just one more sad antecdote as the mom of a child with so many issues.  What else?  Chest xray was picture perfect, and his weight was stable.  He hasn't gained any weight since we cut out his daytime tube feeds a few months ago, but he hasn't lost either.  He has gotten a bit taller though, and we'll definitely take that.  Every single person we saw could not believe how big Keegan seemed...and trust me, people came out of the woodwork to meet Audrey.  Another sad anecdote to our life is that Audrey's first official outing was to transplant clinic.  I guess she better get used to it quickly because it will be a part of her life too.  She gets to meet everyone at the Legacy campus tomorrow for Keegan's breathing treatment at the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders.  It's just the way things are in this family.

Sleeping like a little angel

Audrey also got two-thumbs up from the pediatrician this week.  She has gained a whole pound!!  6 pounds 12 ounces!  The only time Keegan has gained a pound in two weeks was when he was in renal failure and retaining fluid.  He also didn't weigh 6lb12oz until he was 2.5 months old!  Wow, life is different with a healthy child.  The doctor said she looked beautiful all around.  We don't go back in until she's 2 months old.  I'm sure I will go crazy wondering if she's growing properly...just might have to sneak her on the scale at the hospital in between her appointments!  We will be doing one follow-up test with her in about three weeks.  Being female and breach, she's in the highest risk category for congenital hip dislocation, so we'll have an ultrasound of her hips done at six weeks old.  The doctor thinks she'll pass with flying colors and so do we. 

I wish I could wrap up this post with something a little more insightful, but I just can't muster the energy right now.  One day my mind will function properly again, but not tonight! ;)  Thank you so much for your prayers for our little family.  Truly, they mean the world to us. 


Texas Transplant said...

Thinking of you guys! L

Ashley & Chuck said...

I'm so glad their appointments went so well!