Monday, June 7, 2010

Audrey's Big Debut

On the way home from the annual heart transplant picnic (see post below), I started having contractions again.  No big surprise there, and considering the heat, I didn't think too much of them rather than planning on chugging some water when I got home.  By 5pm, they were getting stronger and closer together, but I still wasn't convinced they were really going anywhere.  It was a crazy night with Keegan's black-out shade in his room breaking right before bedtime, Gray being gone for a dinner with his college lacrosse coach, and other little bothersome things.  My parents had been helping me with Keegan while Gray was gone since my contractions were getting stronger.  I sent them home around 8:30pm, convinced I just needed some time to calm down and rehydrate.  By 11pm, there was no denying I was in labor though.  We called my parents back and jumped in the car to the hospital.

When we checked in and the staff realized she was breach, things went crazy fast!  Our OB, who went through the fire with us with Keegan, had asked to be paged directly should I go into labor, and she came immediately to do the c-section, even though she was not on call.  At 1:38am on June 6, sweet Audrey made her debut!!  It was so different from Keegan's birth but not just because of the c-section.  I cherished hearing her cry her little heart out because his heart condition meant he could not spare the breath to cry.  I loved getting to hold her, not 20 days later but less than 20 minutes after her birth.  I adore that I have a "family photo" of Gray, Audrey, and I where we were able to hold her and not just hover above her isolet.  But more than anything, I am so thankful and humbled to know that the Lord has once again blessed us with a miracle.

Meeting my baby girl for the first time in the OR

Already has Daddy wrapped around her finger!  The hospital did a really fun thing and inked Audrey's footprints on Daddy's scrub top.  What a cool keepsake!

Bug, meet your little sister...Lady Bug!! ;) 

Keegan and Daddy wore their matching pink shirts and white shorts to celebrate Audrey's arrival.

Oma and Audrey

Pops and Audrey

Big Daddy (BD), Mamie, and little Audrey

Aunt Alex and her newest soccer protege!

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Texas Transplant said...

Hey guys! Congrats! I'm so happy for both of you and she's just beautiful. :)