Monday, May 31, 2010

"Nana" Bread & Fun at the park

I've been a little delinquent in blogging this week, so I thought I'd post a few bits this morning.  Hopefully, we'll get some fun swimming pictures this afternoon to post later tonight!

Keegan has a keen interest in bananas ("nanas", as he calls them).  He likes to point them out in books or pictures, pretend to eat the bananas in his play kitchen, play a game at therapy where he feeds a paper monkey bananas, and point out the bananas on the counter.  He loves pureed bananas, especially mixed with applesauce, but eating real, whole bananas doesn't seem to carry the same amount of enthusiasm.  Go figure.  Anyway, I had decided to make some chocolate chip banana bread yesterday morning.  I had read a tip in a parenting magazine to freeze ripe bananas for later use in breads or muffins, and given Keegan's lack of interest in eating the actual bananas he so excitedly wanted to purchase, I soon had a nice collection of frozen bananas for the bread.  As great as the idea was in theory, it did not work as well in practice.  The frozen bananas turned into frozen mush, which any baker will understand, doesn't aid the baking process at all.  We ended up with bread that was too crisp around the edges and not cooked in the very center. 

All this is to say, that Keegan had a lot of fun "helping" to make his banana bread.  He donned his apron from friend Kaiden's birthday party, grabbed a spatula and bowl, and helped me count out the ingredients!  Daddy snapped a few pics with his phone while we were cookin'!

Ready to go!  What can I mix up first?

Practicing his stirring technique

Earlier in the week, Mamie took Keegan to the park by our house to work some energy out.  He sure had fun!

Caught going UP the slide

A rare picture of Keegan swinging! Somehow, Mamie convinced him to get in the swing.  He never wants to stop to swing!


Run, Bug, run!!


Texas Transplant said...

Oooooooooooh Maddie, you have to thaw the bananas before you bake with them! Just leave them out in a bowl overnight to thaw and then drop the thawed mush into the recipe. I freeze all my ripe bananas to bake with.

Helene said...

You can also nuke them in the microwave and then squeeze the water out while you mash them - Jackson love that part of baking! Have fun cooking with him!