Monday, May 17, 2010

Home for now

Thank you all so much for your prayers and concern for my appointment today.  All in all, it went very well.  Most importantly, my amniotic fluid level was exactly the same as last week, just a fraction above my doctor's cut-off for admission.  Yeah for stability!  =)  Until this weekend, the medications I was taking to stop the contractions were to be taken on an "as needed" basis.  I was actually avoiding taking the meds as much as possible because they almost make you feel worse!  Since they are still coming regularly and strong with 2 weeks before she's "full term", the doctor put me on a daily preventative medication regimen with the other medication to be taken for "breakthrough contractions".  A friend of mine was on this medication regimen with her twins, and she said it worked much better and with little to no side effects.  I'm definitely looking forward to that!  The plan is to continue this weekly monitoring of fluid and meds for the next two weeks; then, we'll stop the meds and just let her come as soon as she is ready.  If she makes it to 39 weeks, we'll go forward with the scheduled c-section, as she's still breach.

I do hope this new medication schedule will help get me back on track.  Dealing with the physical stress of the contractions and the emotional stress of worrying about the baby's health and if she might make an early appearance has been beyond exhausting.  I was really praying for a calm, uneventful pregnancy this time, but I guess my kids just don't understand that concept!  Again, I just hope that her medical issues end at birth!  I don't know if I can handle two high-maintenance kiddos.

I'm so thankful to be home another week.  I'm really glad we used this as motivation to get everything prepared and ready for Audrey's arrival, whenever that may be.  I'm beyond thankful for my supportive family, stepping up once again to help with the medical drama that follows us, especially my mom.  And we're humbled and blessed by your wonderful support for our little growing family.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  It truly means more than I can ever express.

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