Sunday, May 16, 2010

Drama Queen

It appears that Audrey is already quite the little drama queen.  Maybe she just didn't want her brother to get all the attention!  I continued to have contractions all week long and took medication to help curb them pretty much every day.  Friday, they started in pretty good around 12:45pm.  I waited until about 2:45pm to take the meds, took Keegan to his haircut appointment around 4pm, and had to finally sit down just after 5pm as the contractions got more intense.  I took more medication, but when they got progressively worse, we called the OB and were told to head back to the hospital around 7:30pm.  This time, they ran a few tests, monitored the baby, and gave me some stronger meds.  After a few hours, the doctor decided I wasn't in danger of going into active labor in the next two days and sent me home...again. 

I've continued to have contractions of intermittent intensity over the weekend, and we will check in with our OB tomorrow afternoon.  She will check my amniotic fluid levels, monitor the baby again, and reevaluate my anti-contraction medications.  If the amniotic fluid is any lower, I'll have to be admitted for monitoring; if it has gotten too low, there's a possiblity the doctors may want to go ahead and deliver her.  I know she "looks good", but it is a little early for that!  (I'm just now 35 weeks.)  Although, I have to say that having to deal with contractions that don't produce labor is pretty darn aggravating!  We got a LOT of things checked off "the list" this weekend, just in case.  We will be sure to update tomorrow, whatever the outcome.

So, that's the update on our little drama queen.  I just pray that her medical drama ends at birth!  There's only so much one Mama can take! 

p.s.  Congratulations to our lil' friend, Carter, on getting extebated, off dialysis, and out of the ICU so quickly!  We pray you are home soon, C Bear!  Please also keep miss Avery in your prayers again.  She has been battling a continual fever for too long now, and we ask the Lord continue to heal her and keep her at home also. 

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Ashley & Chuck said...

I've been so worried about you! I meant to text you today but it has been a busy day and I kept remembering at bad times. I'm glad she looks good and you didn't have to stay in the hospital long. Kick up your feet, girl and get some rest!