Saturday, May 1, 2010

Baby's Room - Phase I

Well, if you saw my "sneak peek" update to Twitter earlier this afternoon, you have an idea of what we spent almost all day doing today.  So here is "Phase I" of the nursery makeover!  We still have quite a bit to do, but we got a lot accomplished in "Aud-ee's Room" today!

The tree is a vinyl wall decal, like the road on Keegan's wall.  The green on the tree turned out a bit darker than I would have liked in hindsight, but I think it looks pretty unique!

I love the pillow with Isaiah 43:4 - "You are precious in my sight." 
Ann's work is amazing, and she is so sweet!  Check out more of her work in her etsy shop!

Doesn't even look like the same crib anymore!  Audrey's gorgeous bedding was also made by the lovely ladies at Bedazzled in Plano.  We can never thank Deb enough for her amazing work.
Audrey's bow collection is growing!  Daddy picked out this little bow holder for her, and my best friend from childhood, Stephanie, made the big white flower and little flower bows at the bottom left and right to wear with a little hat and crocheted headband.  You can check out all her adorable creations at her online store -

We still have one or two things we need before she gets here and LOTS of washing and organizing to do.  We're off to a pretty good start though.  My mom washed and ironed over 20 dresses that she had saved from when Alex and I were little.  They are gorgeous, and I can't wait to see my little girl in the same dresses we grew up in.

And because I can't keep these pictures to's some fun Keegan had while we were cleaning up breakfast this morning!
The box of blocks makes a much better hat!

I'm not a happy kiddo at all!


The Millers said...

The room is beautiful!! I love it!

Ben and Abby said...

Love love the room! It is perfect! The tree is amazing - I'll have to come see it in person! :)

Ashley & Chuck said...

Love love love it!! The bedding is gorgeous! I think she is going to love it!