Friday, April 23, 2010

National Organ Donation Awareness Month

So, I'm a little late in mentioning this (23 days late to be precise), but there's still 7 more days of National Organ Donation Awareness Month.  I've posted and posted some more about the statistics of organ donation in America over the last two and half years.  How many people are waiting for that life-saving gift... how many people can be possibly saved by one person's many people have or have not registered as organ donors, yet alone informed their families of their choice...the possibility of living organ and tissue donation....the number of people who may or may not have even taken the time to think "what would I do if...?"  I think anyone following Keegan's journey for any amount of time can spout these off as well as I can. 

But have you done it? 

Have YOU registered yet?  You don't have to wait until your driver's license is up for renewal!  You don't even have to take more than 5 minutes to register.  Click the Donate Life button at the top right of the page or go to now.  Click on the "commit to donation" tab, which will allow you to click on your state's official organ donation registry.  Your choice will be registered with the state and national registries, and this information will be available to healthcare personnel no matter what your license or family says.  If you choose to register as an organ donor, healthcare personnel can make the determination at the time what organs and/or tissue can be donated based on your health, age, etc.  The Donate Life America website has plenty of information about what organ donation means, and you can always email us to find out more or if you have questions.  The Southwest Transplant Alliance's website also is a great resource should you have questions!

I'm not going to throw any more statistics at you today.  But I will leave you with these precious angels, who are much more convincing than numbers....
Because of this angel, Johnston, and his parents' loving choice....

Keegan is alive, happy, and WELL today.

And because of similar choices made by other families, so is this little boy..

Carter Cates - Multivisceral transplant, May 2008

Nate Arnold - Double Lung transplant, September 2009

Summer Simons - Bone Marrow Transplant, January 2008

Andrew Madden (with Keegan, 5/24/08) - Heart transplant, October 2007

Shelby Hedgepath (top) and Natalie (bottom left) - Heart transplant, December 2007 & August 2007
Each child in this photograph is a blessed heart transplant recipient!

And this most beautiful girl was given two more years to touch our lives...

Angel Hannah Collie  - Heart Transplant, August 2007

No other words are needed.  Register yourself, and spread the word to encourage others to do the same.  So that this time next year, more people can say they are alive because of the courageous and loving choice of one person to commit to organ donation.  And if you are already are registered or register this month because of any one of these amazing kids, please leave us a comment on this post to let us know.  Thank you is so much more than we can say...

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Jennifer said...

I am embarassed to be writing this, but thought you would want to know Maddie that these reminders are not a waste of time. Even after following Keegan's journey for over 2 1/2 years, I had not signed up to be a donor. I always meant to, just never took the time. I am ashamed to say that. But today I realized now is the time. I feel blessed to know you, and blessed that you have shared your sweet Keegan with so many people. I hope that one day, I will help someone as Johnston did. What an angel! God Bless!!!