Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lainey's Birthday Party

Keegan went to his "girlfriend", Lainey's, 2nd birthday party last weekend.  She had a bounce house party, and all the kids had the best time!  I was hoping either the bounce house or Lainey's new little trampoline would inspire some new jumping ability in Keegan, but alas, it did not.  To no one's surprise, Keegan was more interested in sitting in Lainey's Little Tikes truck than doing anything else!

A little tentative about getting in the bounce house the first time

"Hey, this is pretty fun!"

Bouncing with Nora, Gage, and Ainsley

Getting a ride from Daddy in Lainey's truck

The birthday girl about to enjoy some yummy cookie cake 

You know you have feeding issues when this is the look you get when asked if you want to eat some cookie cake!

I hope that one day I'm blessed enough to see this exact exasperated look from a 16-year-old Keegan as he's about to drive off in his first truck.

And that maybe I'll also get to see this scene with two teenage best friends driving away!

Or even this one!  Although hopefully Gage wouldn't be riding in the back if it were a real truck! ;)

Thanks for inviting us to your very special birthday, Miss Lainey!  We had a great time!!

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