Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

It's Easter weekend, and we have officially declared the end of winter "lockdown"!  Keegan had a very full, very fun weekend.  Can you tell he's one of the happiest (and most blessed) 2-year-old's you've ever met?
Saturday we had an egg hunt at Mamie & BD's house. 

Found one!  Off to a good start...

Thanks for the lift, Aunt Alex!

Opening his eggs...

Look!  An Easter Hot Wheels car!  That Bunny sure knows what I like!

A rare photo of Keegan not in a full on sprint.  In fact, not long after this picture was taken, his momentum overcame his feet, and Keegan did a full faceplant on the sidewalk.  Nothing says "Easter" like a fat lip and blood splattered on your new outfit!  But, he shook it off and went on, ready for a full Easter Sunday at home!

We started the day off with the super early Mass to avoid the bigger crowds (yeah, right).  Besides one attempt at going to church late last summer (my nerves couldn't take the germ exposure), this was Keegan's first time back at church since last Easter Sunday in Boston.  You couldn't tell by the pictures below that this time last year, he'd been inpatient for almost 10 months!
All spiffed up and ready for Church.  He did amazingly well, and we were so happy that we got him in and out with minimal exposure to other people.  Father Postell stopped during the baptismal renewal to hi-five Keegan!  Heehee!

Seeing what the Easter Bunny brought him. 

Speaking of that Bunny, he's awfully busy this year.  He showed up at the country club during brunch with Big Daddy, Mamie, Aunt Alex, Oma, Pops, Great-Granny, and Miss Denise.  Keegan was a little in awe at first, but then...

The Bunny brought the balloons, and he was all smiles!

We finished off brunch with a quick golf cart drive.

Think these two boys are related at all?

The best family photo we could muster.  Why do we even try?

We spent the rest of the afternoon working on Phase II of Keegan's "big boy" room.  The bedding is here and is absolutely awesome!!  (Thank you, Miss Deb!)  We'll post pictures this week of the room.  It's almost there, and his nursery is pretty deconstructed.  We're planning to start napping in the new room this week, so please, please, please say a few prayers and cross a few fingers for a smooth transition!  We'd really appreciate it!  I think that Gray and his parents might paint the nursery this weekend, and the baby's bedding should be ready soon.  Less than 10 weeks to finish this up!

We hope that each of you had a wonderful, renewing Easter.  Father reminded us this morning that Easter truly was about one thing - forgiveness.  Being a mom has completely opened my eyes to the concept of God's forgiveness of our sins.  I honestly did not understand the breadth and depth of His love and capacity of His mercy until I became a mom.  No matter what Keegan does, my love for him is so great that I cannot imagine witholding my forgiveness should he ask or even if he didn't.  I understand why God the Father would sacrifice his Son because He loved us so much He couldn't stand not to forgive our sins.  Before I became a mother, that concept was too much for me to understand.  I pray for that realization for each of you this Easter.  Rejoice!  He is Risen!

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Lorin said...

Keegan is growing SO much!! You guys all look wonderful. :)