Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Big Boy Room - Phase II ...and Big News!

Phase II can officially be dubbed "the Transition"!  We were initially going to start with just naps in Keegan's new "big boy" room, but after the first nap, we realized it was probably better to quit the crib cold turkey than drag it out.  Tonight is the third night in the big bed.  The first night went really well, but he was up a lot last night.  Not upset or talking, just awake.  He said "uh oh" one time, so I went to check on him.  No discernable problems, but I sure don't like being greeted with a "hi Mama" at 3am!  He doesn't seem to have any desire to get out of bed on his own, which is good thus far.  The hardest part is breaking him of the habit of rocking to sleep - a bad hospital habit.  It's harder to just let him go to sleep on his own in case he pulls on his tube.  But overall, so far, so good!

We were so blessed to be given Keegan's new bedding from Miss Deb and the girls at Bedazzled in Plano.  They did such an amazing job, and we are so humbled that they would go out of their way to make sure Keegan's new room was perfect!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Deb!!  You're amazing!  There are still a few things that we're waiting on, but we think it's looking pretty good!
Keegan's big bed.  He's SO tiny in it! 

Isn't the bedding so cute?  A friend of Aunt Alex's hand-embroidered the "bed bug" pillow for us.  It was the pillow we used in his crib the last month or two to get him used to using one.

The unfinished corner.  Mamie is having a little chair that was Mama's reupholstered to match the bedding, and it will go somewhere along here.

His dresser...see the truck on the mirror?

The closet and Elmo...and do you spy a little Big Brother in the picture?

The comforter's surprise!  It's reversible!

And the other big news of the week?  Did you happen to notice that Keegan wasn't wearing his backpack with the formula pump in any of the pictures from Easter weekend?  Well, at the end of last week, Keegan's dietician and doctors agreed to let us take two more ounces off his daily volume of formula tube feeds.  With Saturday's planned hourly rate increase, that put his daytime feeds at 2.3 hours - just about 15 minutes more than naptime.  SOOO...Keegan is no longer on his feeds during waking hours!!  No more pack!!  He now gets his tube feeds during naptime and overnight only!!  It's still almost 13 hours of tube feeds per day, but at least he is no longer hauling that pack around.  One year and one week exactly wearing the pack.  Amazing!!  We certainly were surprised by how quickly he's progressed, but we're just so happy to see him running around without being tied to his pump.  The first day he seemed pretty confused about it, but by Monday, he could have cared less. 

Way to go, Bug!!  We couldn't be prouder of the big boy you're becoming.  You are going to be an awesome big brother! 


Ashley & Chuck said...

His room is so cute!! I love it! I'm so glad he is doing well with the transition. At least he doesn't get out and roam the house like my nephew, Seth, is doing! :) He is getting to be such a big boy!! I can't wait to see pictures of Audrey's room now! Love and miss you guys!

Ben and Abby said...

LOVE it!!!

The Millers said...

Such a cute room!! And I'm so excited about his tube feeds :) Way to go Keegan!!

rene said...

Sorry we lost touch for so long, but we're so impressed with keegan's progress lately. You'll be an awesome big bro... Rene&Jane&Aaron