Friday, March 19, 2010

Smart Kid

I'm filing this one as evidence of Keegan's amazing intelligence, although I guess it could also fall under "sad but true."  The other day I was vacuuming the house, and Keegan was following me around saying "uh oh".  I was getting a bit annoyed, as he was stepping in every area I had just covered, and instead of stopping what I was doing, I kept repeating "what's 'uh oh', baby?"  Finally, I stopped the vacuum, and before "just show Mama what's 'uh oh'" could even escape my lips, I heard his feeding pump alarming!!  Too smart!  The line had become kinked, and he wasn't getting any formula.  I cleared the alarm, and he went back to playing while I finished my chores.  Do I have an amazing kiddo, or what? 

It makes my heart a little sad that he even knows what that alarm means, but at the same time, he's so accustomed to it that it doesn't even phase him.  He doesn't get upset or sad, just asks for help and goes about his way happily.  It just reminds me that getting worked up about how different his life is and the "unfairness of it all" is simply an attitude choice that I am making.  This may change as he gets older, but for now, he's completely ok with his situation and is genuinely happy!  If I only make the choice to be more like him (and more like HIM for that matter, focusing on my blessings), my life would be much easier.

Today officially marks 6 MONTHS since Keegan's been inpatient!!  I won't lie and say that I'm not waiting for the bottom to drop out at any moment, BUT again, I must choose to focus on what an amazing 6 months it has been.  I'm not given any guarantees about what will or what won't happen for the next days, weeks, months, or years.  I'm going to take a lesson from my 2 year old and try to make whatever it is we are given the best it can be.  It's a challenge for sure, but I think he's worth it! 

Now, on a completely different note...If you are the parent of a CHD kid, please take THIS survey!!  It is being conducted by the California Heart Connection to collect information from parents on their experiences with the diagnosis and initial treatment of a child's congenital heart defect.  This research will be shared with physicians and hospitals to help better prepare and inform parents with their childrens' cardiac diagnoses.  As an advocate of patient and family centered care in hospitals, I am so excited that interest in supporting parents and physicians in these situations is growing.  So please, if you have been touched by CHD and haven't participated yet, please take 20 minutes to complete the survey!  (PSA finished now...thanks!)  =)

And no, our camera is not fixed yet.  But here's an iPhone pic to tide ya over!  Keegan has no desire to sit still for a photo these days.  Hence the attitude shown below!  We took him to the Arboretum to enjoy the fresh air with Alex and Mamie while Daddy and BD were out of town for business.  He is ready for swimming weather because we had to keep him from diving right in every single fountain on the premises!  Come on, warm spring weather!!

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Ben and Abby said... boy!! I think Keegan is the perfect combination of your side of the family and Gray's side of the family in this picture! I see Gray initially but then I also see his Aunt Alex!! Cutie pie!! Hope to see y'all outside soon - I am ready for pretty warm weather!! :)