Wednesday, March 3, 2010

If it ain't broke...

Well, it is the week of broken appliances in the Harrison household.  I'd been having problems taking pictures with the nice camera Gray got for his birthday last year (as evidenced by the last photo below).  Now, I'm no photography genius, so I assumed it was user error.  I assumed wrong.  Somehow someway, the flash casing and bulb have cracked.  Hopefully, we will be able to fix it without too much trouble, but we will be short on pictures for a bit.

To add insult to injury, our beloved "grind-n-brew" coffeemaker is also broken.  I try to limit my coffee consumption reasonably while pregnant, but Saturday and Sunday mornings, I still enjoy a nice cup (or two, but who's counting?)  Or rather enjoyed.  All work and no coffee makes Mama a very dull gal.  Luckily, we pulled out the manual to find the thing actually has a 3-year warranty and is only 2 years old!  But it might still take up to 2 weeks for the replacement part to arrive.  I don't think the part is the problem, in my uber-engineering-oriented mind, but we shall see when it arrives.  The second lucky thing is that my dad has an extra coffeemaker at the office for temporary use, so this weekend will hopefully go a little smoother! 

We picked out paint colors for the kids' rooms this weekend.  We'll be painting the nursery lavender to match the baby's purple, green, and brown bedding.  This weekend, we're hoping to start on Keegan's new "big boy" room (i.e. the former guest room), which will be two shades of blue to go with his new bedding that is primary colors.  We didn't paint the nursery for Keegan because the tan buttery pecan color that literally covers every inch of our house was a color in his bedding.  Paint makes me very nervous, so we'll see how this goes!  We have the design of both rooms planned out in our heads.  I just hope they turn out the way we think they will.  We're aiming to have Keegan's room done so we can start transitioning him over by the beginning of April.  I'm starting to get nervous about switching Keegan into a twin bed and new room.  Any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated by those of you who have been there!

We hope you're out enjoying the lovely weather this week!  If you wouldn't mind keeping two of our little friends in your prayers, we'd appreciate it - little Jillian and Carter.  Jillian is our friend Delaney's little girl.  She was premature and is fighting hard.  She's off the ventilator, but she still has a long fight ahead of her.  Carter has gone back to Boston with his parents for treatment, and it is taking longer than they initially thought.  He is also having trouble not processing his feeds, and they need to find a cause/treatment before addressing his blood problems that brought him there in the first place.  Both families could use your prayers and support.  Thanks so much! 

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