Sunday, March 28, 2010

Golf and Easter Eggs

Keegan had two fun events on the last two Fridays.  This past Friday evening, we went up to the Legacy campus of Children's Medical Center (right down the street from us) for an Easter egg hunt.  Keegan picked up two eggs and then tried to hand his eggs out to other kids.  Very generous, but not quite the idea!  We managed to keep the two he did pick up, and he really had fun running around the hospital grounds without having an appointment or blood draw to go to.  He also helped me decorate a cookie after the egg hunt.  He wouldn't eat it (surprise), but he wouldn't let go of it either!  He clutched it to his chest, icing-side first of course, and ran around with it.  What a character!
Why do you want me to pick up something off the ground, Daddy?  Don't you usually tell me not to?

Posing with his basket...instead of picking up eggs!

There was a bracelet in the first egg, which he wanted nothing to do with at all!  Such a boy!

What's in yours, Daddy?  Ohh, a sticker!

Playing with his eggs

Two weeks ago, we met Big Daddy and Aunt Alex at the golf course for his first putting lesson.  (Just kidding, but he does have his own little driver and putter courtesy of BD.)  Keegan was more interested in dropping golf balls into the holes and digging them back out.  But he really likes to pull out the flags on the putting practice green and RUN with them.  Very safe, I'm sure!  He also got to "drive" a golf cart with BD - so much fun!  It should be interesting to see if his skills improve over the summer!
Any balls in this hole?

Dropping the flag for half a second to check a hole for his golf ball.
Hopefully the first of a lot of fun times on the green with BD!

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