Sunday, March 21, 2010

Big Boy Room - Phase I

Well, Keegan's "big boy room" is coming along.  Two weeks ago, Gray and his parents removed all the guest room furnishings and painted the room two shades of blue, a pale blue on the walls and brighter blue on the ceiling.  Last weekend, I put his bed and nightstand together.  This weekend, we installed a black-out shade behind the shutters for naptime (the room faces the front of our house with no shade, whereas his nursery has a tiny window completely shaded by cedar trees), found a boxspring for the bed (LONG, frustrating story), and finished the guardrail.  But the most fun was had installing the new "road" on Keegan's wall!  See!  (Once again, sorry for the phone pictures...still no camera.)

This was fairly easy and so fun to do!  It was a great way to take up a big wall safely above his bed.

It's all vinyl decals, like you put on your car!

Keegan still LOVES cars, and he seemed to get a kick out his new road.

The guardrail works, Big Daddy!  ;)

We scattered a few extra cars around the room - along the window and door frames and on the mirror above his dresser.  His bedding should be finished in a week or so and will be so cute.  He seems to like going in the room now...let's hope that doesn't change!  We'll see what fun things we can get done next weekend, and we'll post a "Phase II" pic.  Our goal is still to start napping in the new room by the end of the month.  I think we're on target so far!  Please leave a comment, and let us know what you think of Keegan's new room so far!

Tomorrow is cardiac clinic - a full day of heart fun!  Better get to bed since we have to be off super early.  Since it SNOWED 7 INCHES in Plano today (yeah, you read that right!  On the first day of spring!), I'm sure traffic will be crazy.  We'll update again tomorrow with news from clinic.  Prayers would be greatly appreciated for it to be nothing but good news.  Thanks so much. 


Susy said...

It looks great so far! I love the road and cars!! Too cute!

Ashley & Chuck said...

It looks great, Maddie!! I think it will be the perfect little boys room!! Good luck with the transition!

Ben and Abby said...

LOVE IT!!! :) Ya'll are so creative. Good luck with the naps!!!

Lorin said...

I love his big boy room!! You did such a good job! From the pictures, it sure looks like he's enjoying bouncing on his new bed too!

Kelley and Carl Loredo said...

LOVE IT!!! Gage is gonna be soooo jealous!

LaMonica said...

His room looks like so much fun already! I can just imagine him sneaking a little car or truck to bed and rolling it against the wall (smile). Hello Keegan from Kingsley and Johnston's mom.

Anonymous said...

I love the room. What an adorable way to take up space without putting up the ole quilt idea or a picture frame that may come down on Keegan as he learns to find joy jumping on the bed!!! Maddie, you should go into toddler bedroom design. Very, very neat-o. Laura Albert