Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Good Snowy Day

Well, it was a record-breaker of a day.  At last check we, here in good ol' Dallas, Texas, have had over 8 inches of snow today alone...and it's still coming down!  Rusty was unfortunately the only family member to get to play in the snow.  We just didn't think it was a good idea since Keegan's still battling this cold/virus/allergies/crud.  We were so lucky to have Daddy take a snow day this afternoon and spend lots of time playing with us inside where it was warm and dry!  I failed to get any good daytime pictures - surely tomorrow will be more dramatic, as it's supposed to freeze tonight.

The only reason we ventured out this afternoon (ok, besides to make a Dunkin coffee run) was to check in with Keegan's hematologist for a scheduled visit.  We were nervous at the start of the meeting because Keegan's temperature was 99.9 degrees (his baseline normal is actually around 97.4), but he was acting just fine.  We were encouraged that his weight was stable, since he hasn't eaten much in the last several days due to his cough.  His labs looked really good!  They may be a bit misleading because he had a shot last night in addition to fighting a cold. Still, we have decided to cut one of his shots a week out and see what his labs are doing in two weeks!  Keegan's doctor thinks that he may not need as much support now that his nutrition is improving from better absorption of his formula.  Yippee!!  Keegan surely will be happy with Mama giving him one less shot a week!  If he continues to do well, we will try to wean him off the shots in the next three to six months.  Wouldn't that be amazing?!

And the last record-breaking news of the day?  Keegan fed himself almost an entire jar of puree tonight with a spoon!!  It was quite a messy and long process, as little actually made it from the spoon to his mouth at a time, but he really had fun!  SO wish I had gotten video or a pic of it.  We'll try again tomorrow and see what we get.  Gray and I sure loved ending the day on a good note and a surge of pride in our little guy!  Growing up before our eyes!

Stay safe and warm out there y'all! 

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Sean, Chelle and Carter Cates said...

Awesome job Keegan! Soon you will be eating mom and dad out of house and home...which I know they will be elated to experience. :0

Great seeing you Maddie the other day at the hospital. Gray and I will have to wait a little bit longer until we can get together. Boston is calling. Thank you for the offer for help - will let you know if something changes.

Love ya'll,

Sean, Chelle and Carter

P.S. Great photos. Gosh we did get dumped on. Wish we had some of the house in McKinney. We took some of Carter at CMCD. :)