Sunday, February 21, 2010

GI Update REVISED & Baby Walker, too

Ok, so as is usual with us and Keegan's GI issues, the plan to stop Keegan's tube feeds during the day this coming Monday and Tuesday has now been abandoned.  Grand ideas, not so grand execution.  Like I said when the idea was first brought up, I thought it was a bit premature, and the more Gray and I thought about it, the more we realized it was way too ambitious for this point in time.  We consulted with his dietician, and she agreed.  SO, a NEW plan was hatched, andddd...........

Notice anything missing from this picture of Keegan's room during his nap this afternoon? (and no, it's not Keegan, he's in the crib...)

So the new plan was to start trying to increase the hourly rate Keegan receives his tube feeds again in an effort to reduce his overall time on the feeds during the day and to eventually switch him to "bolus" feeds, or several shorter feeds during the day.  Currently, he is continuously fed specialty formula through the tube from about 7:30am to about 3pm at a rate of about 2 ounces per hour.  You may remember that this has been attempted multiple times in the past to no avail, BUT he's doing well now and has been on a medication to help with the motility problems for over 6 months.  We've already increased his hourly rate by 5 milliliters an hour with no problems and shifted some of his daily volume to the nighttime feeds.  Combine that with a late nap today, and for the first time since October 2008, Keegan went to sleep with NO TUBES OR IVs running!!  Pretty AWESOME, don't ya think!!  We sure do!  I have to say, it felt so strange, but SO good to lay him down in that crib without worrying about a pump, tube, line, or pole. 

And since we're updating today, we are so excited to share some pics of Walker (Lainey's new little brother) that we snapped last night when we visited.  He's adorable!  Congratulations again, Ben & Abby!

Sleeping so peacefully

The tiniest, most precious feet

Miss Lainey showing us how she says "hi" to Walker

Gray & Walker

Keegan was more interested in stealing Walker's bouncer....oh boy, this is gonna get interesting! ;)


Aren Joschko said...

Such exciting news!!

Angie Akeman said...

Sweet Harrison Family--So I realized that since your wonderful new blog just sends me the updates to my e-mail, I haven't been very dilgent at leaving messages! I am so sorry about that. However, we read every update and continue to pray daily for your sweet family! We love you all and rejoice with you over Keegan's progress! In HIM--Angie