Friday, February 12, 2010

A foot of SNOW!!

Yup, final tally was over a foot of snow in Dallas, Texas!!  I've seen more than that when we lived in Nashville, but this is a first for Texas!  Keegan seems to be feeling much better today, so we took him out to play this morning.  Unfortunately, one of the first things he did was fall face first into the snow.  He wasn't too into it after that!  Although this morning when we opened the front door to let him have a first glimpse, he said "whoa!" (His new word - very Joey Lawrence, I know! Ha!  We now have "Mama", "Daddy", "hi", "bye", "whoa/wow", and "yeah".  Most everything is "deedee" or "ama/ahme", and sometimes "ain-ee" for Lainey!)  I hope he remembers a little of this snow because this is probably the last time he'll see snow like this in Texas in his lifetime.

Can you believe this is Texas?

So over it by this pic!

Wow, Mama needs makeup and more coffee...

Eating his soy yogurt with a spoon all by himself (and yes, he's in the living room...we had to use a little reinforcement from Disney to get him to eat today.  Thank you, Bolt!)

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Ashley & Chuck said...

WHOA is right!! I can't believe you got that much. We were just happy with an inch or two! ha And Disney has helped me out a lot too! Whatever works, right?!!