Monday, December 29, 2008


Keegan slept pretty well overnight. His fever is still gone, but he continues to throw up and have bad diapers. The diapers are the most frustrating for us because they look exactly like they did before we started getting results with the enzymes and questran. It's too soon to tell, but we're hoping it's just a side-effect of the virus and antibiotics. His white counts were up a bit this morning, and he is just barely in the normal neutrophil range. That's great because it only took 2 doses of GCSF this time, instead of 5. Hem/onc came in just awhile ago and said that they're comfortable sending him home without GCSF for now. He'll have more labs on Wednesday, so he'll be watched closely. We're packing up and getting ready, but we probably won't be home until late this afternoon. In addition to normal discharge matters, the doctors have to rewrite his TPN orders and get that to the home healthcare company.

Thank you so much for your prayers throughout this time. We're praying for a better run at home this time! We'll update from home next time hopefully!