Monday, December 29, 2008


We just made it home a little while ago. Keegan had just enough energy to play while I set up his home pumps and then crashed for another nap. He still has not gotten used to his car seat or crib again, but he's getting better. The transplant team prescribed another round of lasix for Keegan before he was discharged because he is still quite swollen, and he may need another dose or two to get back to normal. Keegan will have more labs and be reaccessed in the hem/onc clinic at Legacy on Wednesday. We are still absolutely up to our ears in medical equipment and Christmas presents, and anyone who knows me understands that chaos and I are not friends. LOTS of work to do to get back to functioning well around here. We promise to try to get new pictures up soon, and we'll be sure to update after Wednesday's labs. Have a wonderful week.