Thursday, December 3, 2009

Garage Sale!

It's GARAGE SALE time!! Gray's parents and their friends are hosting a garage sale this SATURDAY, DECEMBER 5, with all proceeds benefitting Keegan's COTA account. The sale will be from 8am-4pm. Spread the word, and stop by yourself! Big thanks in advance to Mark and Linda for their work in hosting this event.

Just a quick update on Keegan. We have increased his shots, despite a lack of weight gain. His hematologist and transplant team felt his white count was too low at his previous dose to get him safely through the winter. Keegan developed a runny nose on Thanksgiving day and had a day or so of elevated temps (not fever range though). It hasn't gotten worse, but he is still battling a runny nose or congestion. We're confident it's just allergies or the cold weather, but it still is nervewrecking for us. We've gotten so comfortable being home for almost 3 months, and we would love to get through the holiday season at home! Still, we know that God has Keegan firmly in His grip, and we are trying to rest in Him.

We have weight checks, GI, and a big cardiology visit left before Christmas, but until then, we are enjoying the Christmas season and cool weather. We missed getting pictures of Keegan during the first snow of the winter yesterday, so I hope it's not the last one! We also got a request from Children's for usage of one of the many photos of Keegan for an upcoming hospital fundraiser, and of course, we said yes. We will be certain to update again with medical updates, pictures, and more info on the Children's fundraiser soon. Until then, spread the word about the GARAGE SALE!! I know there will be furniture and a few other big ticket items available! God bless, and take time during this busy time to remember the true reason we celebrate Christmas, the coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ!