Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Status Quo

Things have been pretty status quo around here. We apologize for the lack of updates; we didn't mean to worry anyone. We just needed to take a break from the computer for awhile. With Keegan being under lock and key at the house, we unfortunately don't have any interesting news to report. Just therapy, doctor's visits, and getting bored with his toys at home.

Recently, we had to stop all of Keegan's solid food except for a few crackers for a day or two because the stress of new foods really tore up his intestinal tract. After a few days, he started to rebound. We enjoyed a couple of days of fairly good diapers, good sleep, and a happy boy, but as we expected, things have started to go back to the old normal. Frustrating. Still, his oral feeding skills are progressing. He can now eat apple slices, and we're working on carrot sticks! He eats stage 2 baby foods very well and sometimes stage 3 foods also. His feeding therapist says he is progressing well and right on target. The biggest challenge is still making sure we don't push him too hard and cause him more pain.

We still have a break from cardiology until next month. Keegan had labs and his breathing treatment today. The respiratory therapist let him watch Finding Nemo during his treatment, and he threw the most massive fit when we had to turn it off to leave. The nurses had a good laugh at that, saying he was the only kid on the planet that doesn't want to leave the hospital! Keegan's labs looked remarkably good for him, except his white blood cell count. We are waiting on word from his hematologist if we need to increase his shots to bring the count up. Last time, she was hoping Keegan would gain some more weight before we had to increase his dose (which he didn't, down again today). We obviously want to keep Keegan as healthy as we can, and a low white count means he has very little defense available. As we've seen before, Keegan's white blood cells don't rise to the challenge of an infection, they run from it. We are enjoying being home so much! We just want to keep him here!

That's about all for now. We appreciate your continued prayers and support for our Bug. He means the world to us, and we are looking forward to spending Thanksgiving at HOME this year! More soon and pictures too. Have a safe, relaxing Thanksgiving, y'all!