Sunday, November 1, 2009


Well, Keegan successfully celebrated Halloween at home! Yeah! He even trick-or-treated a little bit, and although he didn't quite understand the concept, it seemed he had fun anyway. He was the courageous lion this year and too cute! We originally thought the Tin Man would be a good idea, since he is the character from the "Wizard of Oz" who gets a heart. However, we couldn't pass up the adorable lion costume, and Keegan did show plenty of courage this year! We were just happy that he wore the mane because the first time we tried it on him, he had a complete meltdown. To encourage him, Gray and I borrowed Dorothy and Scarecrow costumes (thanks, Ben & Abby!), and Aunt Alex wore the bunny costume. We may have looked like a funny bunch, but it worked!

Mamie, Big Daddy, Alex, Oma, and Pops came over for chili, ghost cake, and trick-or-treating. We purposefully went out before dark to be the only ones out and about in our neighborhood, thus minimizing Keegan's exposure. We strategically picked the houses of our friends, and it went pretty well. Keegan wanted to go inside each house, and he didn't quite understand why we were making him take something from everyone (he doesn't yet know the sugary goodness of candy). Still, he LOVED running around the neighborhood, and nothing melts your heart faster than watching that little lion run - mane waving, tail dragging. Too cute! See photos of our Halloween fun HERE!

On the medical front, Keegan has gained 3oz this month. We are SUPER happy with that. as he has had quite a rough month with his GI symptoms. We're still consulting with his doctors on how to handle it. He may have to go back on the oral antibiotic, but we're exploring a few other options. We are hoping not to have to take all the solid foods away, as he is doing wonderfully in feeding therapy. We are trying to introduce new foods very slowly, but it can be difficult not to frustrate him. He's finally made it to stage 2 baby foods, even a stage 3 once, and a slowly widening array of "crunchy" finger foods. Still, it seems to be taking a toll on his tummy. We don't want him to be in pain, but we don't want to backtrack too much either. I know that's a little vague, but it's simply the frustrations of finding Keegan's balance in eating normally, gaining weight, managing pain, and controlling his output.

Thank you for all your prayers for our sweet friend, Hannah. Her celebration of life service was beautiful, fitting for the princess she is. I have seen an amazing number of butterflies lately, one of her favorites. Another child received their angel heart last week, and I just know Hannah had a hand in it. I continue to be inspired by her parents, Amanda and Jason. What an amazing miracle they shared with us in Hannah. I long to have their family's faith and pray that Keegan too will know and love the Lord as Hannah did - a precious child who knew Him so intimately that she referred to Him as "my Jesus." Amazing.

Amanda is a poet, and she writes so beautifully from the heart. I love this poem that she wrote about Hannah. It could easily be Keegan or any of the other little fighters we know. It reminds me every day to be grateful for, as our friends Paul & Angie put it about little Avery, the gift of getting Keegan - of the blessing of getting to love him, hug him, and be inspired by him. Please continue to pray for the families of all of our friends, especially Hannah's, and of course, for Keegan. Amanda's poem describes our lives every day with our miracles. Not the days we would have chosen, but the ones we are blessed to have.

What is the plan He has for you?

What is the plan he has for you?

I ask most every day.

It has to be huge, or He wouldn't let you stay.

What is the plan He has for you?

Is it bringing people to their knees and showing everyone Satan's defeat?

Is it bringing praises to his name or glory all the same?

Is it showing the world that miracles occur?

What is the plan He has for you?

I long to know the truth.

God, will show me one day soon!