Monday, September 14, 2009

Cath Lab Update

UPDATE: 9:15pm - WE ARE HOME!! We scheduled Keegan for labs next week, and bid adieu to the hospital after a tiring 11 hours. If he needs blood next week or in the next few as we tinker with his meds, it should be done in the infusion suite at Legacy, not inpatient! Didn't get to his breathing treatment today, so we'll do that this Wednesday at Legacy. Keegan's echo showed improved function from this time last year! Well, I'll be! The only infusion he had to have was IV fluids for most of the day. He seemed to be hit very hard by anesthesia today, but no huge saturation problems. He is sleeping soundly now in his own crib at home. We added some NEW PICS to his "Keegan is TWO" photo album from today. One day at clinic, I"ll really document, but this was good enough. Thank you so much for your prayers and support today. I really can't tell you how much the words and prayers of encouragement bouyed our spirits throughout the day. We are blessed.

UPDATE: 2:20pm - Keegan's resting comfortably in the post-op recovery area, which unfortunately now is in the old CVICU. Really not happy about the bad memories here, but at least we're not in K's old room. No one is right now, thankfully. They actually had to cut in Keegan's jugular and femoral veins (neck and groin) for the cath, so he has to lie still and prone until at least 3pm. After that, we'll go back the cardiology clinic for the rest of the day. They did bring xray to him up here, so one more thing checked off the list. More soon.
Dr. Dimas just came to update us from the cath lab. They are extubating and about to wake him up. They had a hard time getting a line in him (duh) to get started, but we able to find an open vein in his neck to go in for the cath & pictures. She brought us some pics of his BEAUTIFUL heart - all arteries and coronaries look wonderful! Blood counts were lower but ok when they started the procedure, but we'll check when he's awake again to be sure. Didn't hear about his pressures, but I'm assuming they were good. Will get to see him when the bring him to the recovery area soon.

Still have a LONG day ahead with post-op recovery, xrays, echo, breathing treatment, etc. Did his EKG before the cath, so at least that's out of the way. More soon. Thank you for your continued support, prayers, and faithfulness.