Friday, September 18, 2009

Back Again

Let's start with the good news...Keegan's heart biopsy results came back with ZERO REJECTION!! Awesome! Keegan loves his heart!

And now with the bad news...Keegan was admitted to Children's last night. Yesterday afternoon, he was in an immense amount of pain, and he was clutching his right leg, refusing to put weight on it. We took him to the Legacy ER to check it out. There was some concern that he had developed a blood clot after his biopsy on Monday. When we got there, the ER attending suspected an intusussception (where intestines roll over each other). Keegan can have these and come out of them on his own usually, but the thought was he was stuck this time. We were transported by ambulance downtown for an ultrasound of his abdomen and treatment if necessary. By the time we got to ultrasound, they didn't see anything. They admitted us overnight for observation due to Keegan's medical history.

The pain episodes didn't stop until around 4am, when he finally got some loratab. He slept for about 4 hours after that. This morning, he's lethargic, but no pain yet. He's on IV fluids, but he has not had a wet diaper in awhile. We're watching this closely because his bladder was very full on the ultrasound. We drew labs to see where he stands on that, but no results yet. The other thing we will be discussing today with his team is getting a new port. Keegan's been stuck over 17 times since last Friday, and it's getting more and more difficult to find access. He has a finicky IV in his ankle right now. We're praying it stays with us a little while.

More when we know more. It is still frustrating to watch Keegan struggle and have diagnostic tests come back "normal". We are praying for patience and wisdom for the doctors as we try to help Keegan get back to his happy little self. Thank you for praying with us.