Monday, August 10, 2009

Little Update

Keegan has a renal ultrasound tomorrow to get a better look at his kidneys. We have a few more questions to follow-up with the nephrologist after the results are back. We will let you know what we learn.

He's still struggling with worsening GI symptoms. They're not the worst he's ever had, but it's certainly been better. There's not a lot we can do at this point. His cultures were negative, and his labs were about the same last week. The oral antibiotic he's been on since Boston doesn't seem to be helping or hurting at this point. We will likely continue to wean it aggressively because if it's not helping, he doesn't need to be on it. As his GI doc said this morning, nothing else has changed, so it's next to impossible to determine why he's gotten worse. We've put a call into our doctor in Boston to see if he has any more ideas. If not, we'll probably just see if we can't help the symptoms, despite the cause. A little fiber in his formula, maybe even some immodium. The good news is the formula he's on (Elecare) is doing it's job, and he's maintaining his weight despite the increase in output.

Again, Keegan is so used to feeling like this, that he's pretty much acting normally. He's such a happy kid despite all this. If you know him, you can tell when he's not feeling well, but he probably would seem like a pretty normal kid to most people. For that, we're grateful. Please continue to keep Hannah in your prayers. She had a very serious and risky surgery over the weekend in an attempt to stop the bleeding for good, and we pray it works. She is fighting hard but in a lot of pain. Please pray for her continued recovery and no complications. Thank you so much! We'll update again at the end of the week with more pictures and news on the kidneys. Have a great week.