Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a very busy but surprisingly normal Memorial Day Weekend here. Saturday was the annual transplant picnic. It was much nicer weather this year, and it was so uplifting to see so many kids post-transplant enjoying themselves. We saw our friends Hannah, Natalie, and Shelby this year. There were quite a few new faces, as the transplant team has performed 17 miracles since last year's picnic! Keegan was a fireball of energy - climbing all over the enormous playground, running between Daddy & Big Daddy chasing a frisbee, wanting to dive head first into the cakes and Dr. G's puppy, Gigi! Keegan moved to the "Celebrating 1-5 Years" cake, and we can't wait until 2013 when he moves on up to the 5-10 year cake!

Sunday morning, we had the pleasure of meeting our friends, the LeBlancs, for breakfast while they were in town. We met them in Boston after their son, Aaron, had his second (and hopefully, last) open-heart surgery. Both boys were much happier this time around, being free of the hospital and all. Aaron is doing wonderfully. He should be medication free by the end of this week; he's gaining weight, and his oxygen saturations are 100%. Way to go, Aaron! The boys seemed to enjoy themselves too. Keegan showed Aaron what fun toys straws can be and how to thump large, silver spoons on wooden tables. Aaron was much more well behaved and modeled some great eating behavior for K! We are so sad the LeBlancs had to head back to Louisiana and couldn't stay for more good times. We can't wait to see y'all again soon.

Sunday afternoon, Keegan played and swam at BD and Mamie's house with Mama's cousins, Maya and Marley, and great uncle Tim. Where were Gray and I, you ask? Why we were having an awesome parents-only afternoon on the lake with our friends and neighbors, Kelley, Carl, Ben, and Abby. Thank you so much for hosting us, Kelley & Carl. We really enjoyed spending time on the lake, although I think Gray regretted wakeboarding quite a bit by Monday morning! Ha!

Monday, Keegan did some more swimming. We had a very relaxing, safe Memorial Day, relaxing outside and eating our weight in ribs! Keegan has a slew of appointments this week, so we'll be sure to update again this weekend when its all said and done. He goes to the pediatrician tomorrow morning, labs Thursday morning, hematologist Thursday afternoon, gasteroenterologist Friday morning, and dermatologist on Friday afternoon. Then he gets a break until his first dentist appointment next Monday morning. Whew! Because transplant patients are prone to infections in the mouth, Keegan will be going every six months for the rest of his life. Sorry, Bug. After that, we should be appointment free until closer to the end of June, when he'll have labs, immunologist, and the gasteroenterologist again. That's ok, we'll take doctors every day of the week as long as we get to go home after each one!

Be sure to check out the pictures we posted from the weekend of Keegan having fun. We'll add more soon, so keep peekin' in on him. Also, don't miss the video of Keegan that we posted earlier in the week. It'll certainly make you smile. Lastly, please continue to pray for our friends, the Akemans. Paul's surgery was successful, but he remains in a great deal of pain. Angie is caring for him and sweet, little Miss Avery, who has been a little off since her daddy's surgery. As you know, Avery battles so many problems, like our Bug, and we ask the Lord to watch over her and bring her peace and healing. Thank you so much for your prayers for this family and of course, for Keegan as always.