Sunday, May 3, 2009


We arrived home safe and sound late Friday afternoon. Thanks for those of you who prayed for a safe trip. It was definitely the long way to go, but we are more comfortable with our choice as the H1N1 virus spread to Massachusetts just before we left. We enjoyed a wonderful day in our previous hometown of Nashville (where Gray & I lived after getting married), visiting our favorite places and catching up with friends.

We're slowly digging our way out of the mini-van full of stuff we brought home from Boston. We also have to get everything in order for spring, since we still have all winter clothes and whatnots about. Thank you so much to my parents who had our carpets and floors cleaned and refrigerator stocked before we arrived. We'll catch up more later with pictures and updates, but for now, we're back to organizing! Follow Keegan on Twitter for in-between info/updates.

Thank you again for your prayers. Keegan is doing about the same as when we left, but he is developing some granulation tissue around his g-button. We will see our GI doc here and have labs drawn this week, and cardiac clinic is coming up mid-month. All four of us need haircuts (Rusty too!), and Mama is way overdue for the eye doc and dentist (and hopefully a pedicure!). More later!