Tuesday, May 5, 2009

ER Trip

Lordy, Lordy. We just can't catch a break. This morning, I tried to get Keegan to eat some cereal in his highchair. He didn't want to try, and I didn't want to push him. He was struggling to get down, and his feeding line got caught on the highchair. I didn't see it, and it yanked right out of his tummy. It was a bad pull, and he was bleeding a bit. After I thoroughly freaked out (even though I had been taught what to do in this situation), my mom helped get us to the ER at Legacy, where Gray was able to meet us. That granulation tissue (kind of like scar tissue) that had started to build up bubbled into the site, and the surgical nurse practitioner had to come help get the button back in. She burned the bad tissue off with some silver nitrate. Needless to say, it was a rough morning. Keegan's still very sore and not in a great mood. He just now got out of the chair in the living room and started playing. Poor thing; he's a trooper though, so brave and strong. I feel like such a horrible mother.

We're trying to get all of Keegan's appointments lined up. We go to the GI doc for follow-up and labs on Friday, and the remaining 6 appointments follow after that. We'll update as much as we can, but the next few weeks will be pretty busy for the whole family. We are truly appreciative of your prayers and support. Thank you so much.